10 Uncommonly Used Filipino Words

Filipino is  used by many people in the Philippines with over 170 languages that has it’s own different cultures and histories all over the islands of the small country. However, not all filipino words are known and recognize by the Filipinos. To help you be familiar with these words, here are 10 uncommonly used filipino words.

1. Salumpuwit

English Translation: Chair

Definition: A piece of furniture with a raised surface, commonly used to seat a single person.

Example Sentence:Mayroon kaming anim na salumpuwit sa aming kusina.

2. Katipan

English Translation: Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Definition:.Your special someone. He/she is important to you and you love him/her.

Example Sentence: Mahal na mahal ni Mari ang kaniyang katipan.

3. Salipawpaw

English Translation: Airplane

Definition: A powered,fixed-wing aircraft that is propelled forward by thrust from a jet engineer or propeller.

Example Sentence: Salipawpaw ng sasakyan namin papuntang Maynila.

4. Durungawan

English Translation: Window

Definition:  An opening in the wall of a building, the side of a vehicle.

Example Sentence: Isarado mo ang durungawan ng iyong kwarto kapag ika’y matutulog na.

5. Aplaya

English Translation: Seashore/Seaside

Definition: Land adjacent to the sea.

Example Sentence: Masarap maglakad-lakad sa aplaya tuwing umaga.


English Translation: Common sense

Definition: the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions

Example Sentence: Gamitin mo ang iyong sentidokomon upang hindi ka maging katawatawa.

7. Pantablay

English Translation: Charger

Definition: A device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it.

Example Sentence: Ang pantablay ng aking cellphone ay hiniram ni Adora.


English Translation: Carpenter

Definition: A person who builds or repairs wooden structures such as houses, scaffolds or shelving.

Example Sentence: Isang anluwage ang ama ni Jose.

9. Sipnayan

English Translation: Mathematics

Definition: The science that studies and explains numbers, quantities, measurements, and the relations between them.

Example Sentence: Isa sa pinakamahirap na asignatura ang Sipnayan.

10. Sapantaha

English Translation: gut feel

Definition: A  feeling that you are certain is right, even if you cannot explain why.

Example Sentence: Ang iyong sapantaha ay hindi kapanipaniwala.


So this an example of how to pronounce this words:

And this ends my blog. Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something from it. Ciao~


84 thoughts on “10 Uncommonly Used Filipino Words

  1. Sa aking palagay, ang mga salitang ito ay ilan na lamang sa mga natitirang “puro” at nakaugat sa kulturang Pilipino sapagka’t karamihan sa ating mga salitang ginagamit ay hango lamang sa wikang Ingles lalong lalo yaong ginagamit ng mga akademiko.


  2. Miss Bernadith, you got this nice blog at your disposal. Yet I knew it seems out of topic, but how on earth did you get that code of honor?


  3. Why bother posting such blog for uncommon things, miss? And edit it for all I care, I would like to know why you have the CoH without the imprint of which class you’re in.


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